OnDemand GP

OnDemand GP

With the average wait time for a GP appointment in the UK resting at around two weeks, we’ve launched OnDemand GP - a practical solution to improving the physical health of your employees and reducing the rising presenteeism and lost productivity hitting UK workplaces.

OnDemand GP allows employees to see and speak to GPs through their smartphone or computer in under ten minutes; representing one of the shortest wait time of any online doctor.

Powered by VideoDoc, OnDemand GP from Personal Group is a complete clinical solution that combines the expertise of fully qualified GPs with the latest modern technology, all accessed via your employee benefits app, Hapi.

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Average wait time is under 10 minutes

Under 10 mins

No travel, a device notification when the doctor is ready

Travel time

Under 10 minutes from enquiry to GP consultation

Waiting time

12 minutes average spent with patient in consultation



Benefits for Employee

Patients are able to see a GP in less than 10 minutes, seven days a week, 8am until 10pm, offering a quick and hassle-free way to get medical advice.

OnDemand GP can provide almost all the care and advice you’d expect from a traditional consultation, including the issuing prescriptions, sick notes and fit notes.

Unlike a traditional GP appointment, the patient receives a record of their consultation saved to their phone, so they can access information from the conversation later.

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Benefits for Employer

Providing employees with instant access to medical advice and healthcare can greatly reduce both absenteeism caused by attending traditional GP appointments and the presenteeism caused by delaying seeking medical advice.

OnDemand GP from Personal Group gives employers the ability to empower employees to get speedy health care advice and treatment at the click of a button. The service can increase workplace productivity; putting employee wellbeing at the heart of business.

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OnDemand GP not only provides a quick and easy GP service for employees, it also provides guidance and management of health-related issues, which can positively impact employee morale, as well as a programme to get your employees back to work as soon as possible. We also provide employers with a range of anonymised reports tailored to the requirements of each client, helping identify any trends, whilst always maintaining patient confidentiality.

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