Insurance Plans

We offer a number of employee paid insurance plans for your staff. Employers can also choose to provide a company paid plan for their staff to access. If you wish to offer these services to your staff, they can be communicated to your employees face-to-face during the roll out of the benefits platform.  Our face-to-face roll outs work around your employees shift patterns, meaning that no one has to come in on their days off just to meet with our employee engagement executives.

Personal Group Hospital Plan

Personal Group Hospital Plan

The Personal Group Hospital Plan makes a cash payment to policy holders if they are in hospital overnight – anywhere in the world.

So, if you are confined to hospital you’ll have help to cover those extra personal costs that could arise – or to use any way that you choose.

The Personal Group Hospital Plan is only available once an employee has received a full explanation of the cover by a Personal Group Representative during the enrolment programme.

Features include:

  • Cover available for the employee, their partner and children
  • Benefits are paid in addition to any other benefits they may receive
  • Cover of up to 730 nights in hospital per claim
  • Worldwide cover
  • Payments made from the very first night in hospital including a double payment for the first night of an overnight stay for a new condition
  • Hospital outpatient treatment benefit (maximum of two outpatient visits per Plan year)
  • Pre-existing conditions covered (apart from pregnancy) if you choose to take a Plan during the employee enrolment programme
  • Straightforward claims process.


Personal Group Death Benefit

Personal Group Death Benefit

Our Death Benefit Plan pays a lump sum to your estate in the event of death from any illness or injury.

The policy pays out no matter the cause of death, with an additional benefit for accidental loss of life.

With no medical underwriting or lifestyle questionnaires, employees can choose from various benefit levels to suit their personal circumstances.

Features of our death benefit plan include:

  • Cover available for the employee, their partner and children
  • A choice of benefit levels
  • Accidental death cover
  • Death from pre-existing conditions is covered in full once they have been insured for a year
  • Adult cover may continue to their 70th birthday.


Personal Group Practical Health Plan

Personal Group Practical Health Plan

Our Practical Health Plan is a company funded plan and provides your employees with a fixed cash benefit for overnight stays in hospital as well as outpatient treatments. It also helps employees cover the cost of things like Dental Treatment, Therapy Treatments or even their Glasses.

Other features include:

  • Straight forward claims process.
  • Worldwide cover for hospital treatment.
  • Coverage for dental treatment, emergency dental treatment, and dental injury.
  • Coverage for the birth or adoption of a child (any born more than 10 months after joining the plan, or for whom an adoption order is granted more than 12 months after joining).
  • Private medical insurance policy excess benefit.
  • Coverage for a variety of treatments including; acupuncture, reiki, physiotherapy, reflexology and homeopathy.

Benefits and features are available under the current Personal Group Hospital Plan or Personal Group Death Benefit Plan. Terms under previous versions of the plans may differ, please refer to your plan document for full terms and conditions.

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