Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Invaluable Employer Insights

Our Hapi Hub is a cloud based management information reporting tool. It gives you the ability to see what your employees are doing in real time, which benefits are most engaging and which employee services are most in demand. This allows you to tailor your benefits promotions and drive user adoption. Your Hapi Hub dashboard shows system usage and activity trends, employee spend and the savings they’ve made as well as employee and manager feedback and EAP usage.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics

The Hapi Hub is perfect for the proactive HR team to see which benefits and services are being used and where staff may need help. Real time HR analytics let you dig into the data with charts, graphs and usage statistics. You can see all the background information like how popular different discounts are or which elements of your Employee Assistance Programme are most called upon at different times of year.

Visual Reports

The Hapi Hub provides information in a visual, easy to consume manner, and boasts a number of different filtering options. This includes app usage, activations and a variety of reports on your employee's usage of the EAP service - providing invaluable insight into the volume of calls and usage of the service.

HR Reporting

HR Comms


The Hapi Hub functions as the base for creating employee surveys and sending push notifications to employees. The results of the surveys are then collected and displayed within the hub.

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