Employee Communications

Employee Communications

Making communication between HR and your employees quicker and easier

Communication is something that we consider a top priority. When employees feel they are kept informed and updated, they are often more confident in their job role and happier at work. Good communication in the workplace can help improve and maintain relationships, which will ultimately make the working environment much more enjoyable for all. Better communications can improve the productivity of your employees and by combining online and offline communications you can engage every part of your workforce. Creating this level of contact means that there is an additional level of trust and freedom of speech within the business. At Personal Group we pride ourselves on making communication between HR and your employees quicker and easier.

Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

An employee survey can help employers understand employee motivators, measure engagement and satisfaction and discover new ideas to improve performance. The survey functionality within the Hapi app allows employees to access any current surveys. The ability to send push notifications to users of the app can also be utilised to send out the latest survey or to send out reminders to complete recent surveys. For organisations with non-desk based staff or staff without company emails, this is an ideal way to reach and engage with employees those based on the road, in the office or even at home.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a brilliant way to inform your employees of company news, announcements or reminders, anytime, anywhere. With their permission, you can send small, bite-sized amounts of information or alerts direct to the employee’s device. These are often more likely to be seen than emails or posters. With Hapi you can send push notifications to the entire organisation, a location, a department or even one individual employee, allowing you to create more tailored and personalised employee communications.

Hapi Payslips


e-Payslips are not often considered a channel for employee engagement but can be very effective at driving usage and adoption of your employee app. e-Payslips can drive regular and repeat visits to your employee benefits platform and app, which in turn can drive engagement with the other employee benefits and services available. Not only do they do this, but they can deliver a significant ROI while being better for the environment than paper payslips. One of the most beneficial parts of e-Payslips is the flexibility of access, as they can be viewed by employees anytime and anywhere.

Total Reward Statements

Create Total Reward Statements that are personalised, communicating to employees the overall value of their financial rewards such as base pay, incentives and employee benefits. Our Total Reward Statements are cost effective with low administration and are great for informing employees about the total worth of their benefits, including those they may have forgotten about. Total Reward Statements can help shift emphasis away from just basic salary and raise awareness of the broader benefits provided by the employer.

Total Rewards Statement

Employee campaigns

Campaign Management

We provide you with the tools to set up and run your own employee engagement campaigns from right inside the Hapi admin hub. Choose from a selection of templates and seasonal campaigns to increase engagement and drive usage of the platform amongst your employee's. Our client solutions team are also available to work on bespoke engagement campaigns on request.

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