Employee Benefit

Employee Benefits

Combining core and voluntary benefits for maximum engagement

Employee benefits include various types of non-wage compensation provided by you, to your employees. The right combination of employee benefits can make all the difference when it comes to employee engagement, retention, productivity and overall employees wellbeing. Research shows that 59% of UK employees are not happy in the workplace, highlighting the need for more effective investment in engagement initiatives that show tangible improvements for both employee and employer.

Personal Group Core Benefits

Core Benefits

Hapi can be used as a single point of access for all of your employee benefits, bringing together core benefits, like pension, maternity and paternity leave, holiday or training and development. Whether you want to provide information on company policies, provide access to important employee documents or use Hapi as the hub through with staff access all employee facing HR systems, using your engagement app to combine all core and voluntary benefits can help drive usage.

Retail and Leisure Discounts

With retail and leisure discounts, employees are given access to hundreds of everyday savings, which can help their pay go further. These discounts include anything from fashion, groceries, days out, travel, utilities and even holiday savings, meaning that there is something for absolutely everyone. Employees can download instant e-Vouchers through Hapi, these are online gift vouchers which are available instantly within the app and are sent via email . They can be purchased anytime, anywhere. This means that your staff can take advantage of any retail discounts or offers when they are in store or shopping online, making a saving there and then.

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Personal Group Employee Benefits

Personal Group Cycle To Work

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice schemes are offered by employers to their staff as part of a voluntary benefits programme. They help create a more flexible employee benefits package and are used by companies of all sizes to help drive better employee engagement. A key part of a strategy for retention, salary sacrifice schemes can benefit both employers and employees. By offering a wide variety of additional employee benefits companies can enhance their employer brand and further engage existing employees.

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Hapi Cinema

Hapi Cinema is a service direct from Personal Group for discounted cinema tickets. Your employees can enjoy film experiences across the UK at Cineworld, Odeon, Picturehouse, Empire, Vue and The Light. Staff can receive up to 40% off standard cinema prices with a range of tickets available, including adult and children's tickets, cinema snacks and drink vouchers, as well as unlimited passes (available at selected cinema’s). We don’t use third-party websites for our cinema transactions so you have the added peace of mind when it comes to security.

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Hapi Cinema

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