Want to reap the rewards of Total Reward Statements?

Create total reward statements that are easier to read and understand for each employee. Plus do a great job at promoting your benefits packages and corporate values.

What are Total Rewards Statements?

A total reward statement is a personalised document, which communicates to employees the overall value of their financial rewards such as base pay, incentives and employee benefits. But more than that, at Personal Group we know it can help drive a culture of positivity.

Many organisations do not see the true worth of their benefits or rewards and therefore are missing out on promoting their offering to their advantage.

With strategic thinking behind it, total rewards statements are great for reaching out and informing employees about the beneficial worth of their benefits and your own corporate values.

What are the components of great total rewards statements?

A statement of total rewards is not just about a document showing pay.

There are several parts that bring highly valued benefits for organisations and their employees.

What we offer

At Personal Group we always have an individual approach in mind. Cost effective with low administration time and costs, we offer the option of electronic and printed statements that are bespoke. Giving positive news about each employee’s reward, we help to shift the emphasis away from just salary alone and instead raise awareness of the value of the benefits provided.

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Focused total rewards statements

By clearly highlighting the benefit of your offering, we can help to forge stronger relations between you and your employees, together with a more committed work ethic to help improve retention. At the same time it helps to create an attractive image for your company to assist with staff recruitment.

Our approach to creating Total Rewards Statements

Whether in an electronic or paper form this universal employee communication provides an opportunity to promote your employee benefit offering.

Working in consultation with you, we can create a great statement from every angle

You invest in benefits… now make their value pay

Many organisations make big investments in benefits which may not be fully tapped into. One of the pitfalls is that they fail to properly promote the total value of their benefits package to employees.

We can provide you with an opportunity to

  • Communicate your current employment package
  • Improve awareness of its value
  • Increase employee engagement; and
  • Help improve organisational performance.

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