Employee engagement platform

The Employee Engagement Platform

An innovative employee engagement platform, communicating and delivering employee benefits in a clear, intuitive and exciting way.

Hapi works to make employees work lives a whole lot easier. Through the Hapi app they will have a clear view of their benefit entitlements, whilst it drives engagement to ensure they get widely adopted. Whenever employees want to know what’s going on, Hapi helps tell them without any fuss. When you need to send any information or ask for action from employees, Hapi is the easily accessible employee engagement platform that gets straight to them in a clear, direct and actionable way.

An investment in Hapi pays off

The app is exactly the same design as your bespoke desktop platform and comes as standard to help to drive the best value from your investment. On top of that, by working with you, Hapi will help to; increase engagement, aid retention and make it easier to recruit.

Increased engagement

The app presents all information, whether it's benefits, employee services or engagement tools, in a simple, uncluttered, visually engaging way. Laid out in a bright, modern way it can be customised to compliment your branding.

Stronger retention

Employee are more likely to stay within an organisation when they feel their work contribution is valued and appreciated. One of the most effective ways of acknowledging their work efforts is through a dedicated employee engagement platform. Hapi helps deliver this in a neat, convenient package that helps make employees feel appreciated.

Easier recruitment

Hapi is a great employee engagement platform for selling the attractive benefits that will entice prospective employees to join your organisation. It shows what benefits are on offer simply and concisely, helping you stand out from the cluttered marketplace in the face of any fierce competition.

Employee engagement platform

Ease of use

We believe that the more useful you make a service the more likely it gets used. That's why the Hapi employee engagement platform has been designed to put a whole suite of helpful services into the hands of employees.

Big on benefits

With savings to be had on a range of products and services, the employee engagement app is a platform that generates a lot of interest from your employees. A great means of driving uptake and ongoing usage of your employee benefits scheme.

Clear communications

One of the key features of the app is that through its simplicity ant new information can be added easily and simply. All news can be pushed out to each individual users. It's instant and so easily accessible - making sending out operational announcements to all users or specific groups easy. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that everyone know what's going on.

So much more...

The app can also open up access to benefits and services that enable employees to develop their own potential and get the most out of their job. These included individual training and development programs, employee support services and reward and recognition portals. Hapi lets you plug in your existing engagement platforms - giving employee's access via SSO.

Employee engagement platform

App and website service

Hapi is the app that provides universal access to your employee engagement services on Android, Apple and desktop. Fully managed and configured through an employer management system.

Easy intergration

Hapi can combine both you organisation's systems and those from third-party providers, via a secure single sign on feature.

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Clean user-friendly design

Thanks to it's simple, easy to use interface, the Hapi employee engagement app is intuitive promoting adoption without the need for training. We will work with you to create the tight look and feel to suit your corporate in-house style. The result? An app that looks and feels familiar to each employee.

The full promotional marketing mix

By working with us you will gain the support of Personal Group's communication team to promote all the benefits you offer through the full marketing mix. This includes presentations, training, benefit books, posters, newsletters, payslip inserts and publication articles. We have included everything you need to promote your benefits programme to make it a roaring success.

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