Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brothers embraces Face to Face

Samworth Brothers wanted every member of the workforce to understand how Hapi worked. Our  people sat down with every single person so they  knew just how great their benefits were.


There are over 8000 Samworth Brothers staff spread across 40 sites. As a result, it is hard to deliver a message that sticks with every single person. Some don’t even have access to a computer and different sized sites means that it is hard to relay a consistent message to everyone in the business. Posters and emails just weren’t going to cut it. Samworth Brothers really value their staff and wanted to reward and retain them  with a fantastic benefits programme and we gave them Quality Life,  powered by Hapi.


We are proud of the Quality Life Platform, and Samworth Brothers were pleased with its ease of use, and are continuing to work to improve engagement. But even the best technology can never replace people. One thing that sets us apart is our Employee Engagement Executives. Our team visits our client’s staff to talk them through Hapi and how to use it.  With every location there were staff working different shifts meaning it was hard to reach them but we did our best. As a result, 3412 members of staff have been activated on Quality Life with staff saving a total of £33,856 since the programme launched.


Over 6000 employees were seen by our Employee Engagement Executives over the space of three months. We worked hard and it paid off. We don’t just hand over the product and leave. Personal Group is continuing to work with Samworth Brothers to make sure that their staff stay engaged. Samworth Brothers are now introducing “Site Champions” who are going to be in charge of the benefits promotions at each of their own sites. Plans to implement the Hapi App will mean that staff will be able to access their benefits where ever they are based, whatever shift they are working!

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