Oxford Bus Company

Oxford Bus Company

Oxford Bus Company attracts staff with Hapi

Attracting and retaining drivers isn’t easy and pay rises aren’t always the way to keep employees happy. Oxford Bus Company knew this was the case so they brought in Personal Group to help


They wanted to do things a bit differently and that is what we do best. Not only did we want to develop a top rate benefits platform, but we also wanted to all of their benefits in one place.

Hapi is simple, modern and personalised so Oxford Bus Company could have it just the way they liked it. They wanted make it easier for staff to use their benefits inside and outside the work place. Policies, forms, driver handbooks, the vision and values – everything the staff need, wherever they are.


We helped Oxford Bus Company’s staff make their pay go further with every day discounts built into Hapi that can save them up to £1000 a year. As well as this we brought in the Star of the Month feature where staff can thank peers for their hard work.

Also included is our Hospital Cash Plan and Death Benefit without the jargon, so it is easy to understand. We also worked Let’s Connect in their too so staff can use Salary Sacrifice to get a hold of the latest technology.


Since the September 2016 launch there has been a 41% take up of the platform, which is pretty good as far as Oxford Bus Company is concerned. It is clear that staff are making the most of the benefits on offer.

The future looks bright for Oxford Bus Company and they are bringing Personal Group along on the next journey. Next on the agenda is an app. We are embracing the latest technology to get their employee benefits into the hands of every employee wherever they are, Oxford and beyond!

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