Euro Car Parts

Euro Car Parts

Communicating benefits to Euro Car Parts

Euro Car Parts have 8.5k staff based all over the country. Most don’t have access to emails so we needed to be creative when it came to communicating their  benefits. Luckily, that is just what we are good at…


When we first met Euro Car Parts they had no benefits programme in place. Nothing. With budgetary constraints and a lack of time to dedicate to implementation it meant that they were reluctant to start something up. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Another obstacle we faced was that some of the staff were quite apprehensive. Sometimes it can be difficult to win the team over and some staff faced a communication barrier where English was not their first language. Here at Personal Group we love a challenge and knew just what to do.


In order to resolve the communication and trust issues, we sent our Employee Engagement Executives to sit face-to-face with their Employees. Once the staff recognised our friendly faces they realised that this wasn’t a one off hard sell. We worked with them to see staff at a time that suited them and demonstrated how our benefits platform worked. This time with the employees was invaluable as it was one of the few ways they would hear about their benefits and gave them a chance to ask any questions. Teaser posters were sent to Staff through Managers and we also used the posters to showcase the benefits.


Out of the 4.5 thousand members of staff we sat down with there was only 1 piece of negative feedback and that was “Why didn’t you do this sooner?” For us that’s a pretty great result. The implementation of our HR Hub also means that managers can keep an eye on what benefits are doing well and which ones could do with an extra push. So what’s next for Euro Car Parts? There are big plans for the marketing activity to continue including promotion of their benefits on Payslips. Gone are the days of just sending emails, Euro Car Parts are leading the way for creative ways  to communicate their benefits,  and it worked! 

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