ArrowXL: Keeping Staff Connected

ArrowXL: Keeping Staff Connected

How ArrowXL delivered an amazing engagement experience via Hapi

The Challenge

Most ArrowXL employees are based in four large hubs, but others are dispersed around fourteen smaller locations. The geography of the business and nature of roles makes communication between employees challenging.

The idea was to make Arrow XL employer of choice and become a great place to work. To do that, they decided that three aspects of their engagement strategy needed improving: how they communicate & engage with every colleague, the range of benefits offered, and the recognition experience.

It was important for ArrowXL that they attained a good balance of technological engagement and in-person engagement, so colleagues felt valued and continued to contribute to company culture.

The Solution

‘The decision to invest in and develop a bespoke colleague engagement app was a simple, yet essential decision to make.’ Helen Williams, Communications and Engagement Manager, ArrowXL 

In partnership with Personal Group, they chose to invest in and develop a bespoke colleague engagement app, which they named ‘The Hub’. ‘The Hub’ is a personalised portal and mobile app, which provides access to company news and announcements, employee benefits, recognition and reward programmes, and a range of forms and material that everyone finds useful.

The implementation of The Hub was seamless and came within budget and timeframe, taking just four months in total.

The Hub was originally offered as a platform for employee benefits, but ArrowXL have really pushed the boundaries of what it could be developed into.

Employees literally have live company news in their hands 24/7; and messaging can be targeted to groups, individual roles and locations across the business. The app also offers colleagues the opportunity to save money and access unique offers online and has been used to launch programmes to support recognition and across the company.

Keeping Staff Connected

‘At Arrow XL our colleagues are our biggest asset’ Helen Williams, Communications and Engagement Manager, ArrowXL 

The Hub has enabled ArrowXL to connect and engage with 1,200 people across 18 locations in an accessible and familiar manner. ArrowXL recognised that, in our everyday life, apps are used for shopping, banking, traveling, and for getting news and information, so why shouldn’t they be used in the workplace too?

In the first month, every colleague was offered a one-to-one, face-to-face session to help them register onto the app and download it onto their own device, and they now have over 59% of colleagues with The Hub on their own device, the rest are still able to access it via the web.

The Hub provides greater transparency across the company which is helping to build trust with colleagues and increase collaboration. 

The Hub is also making recognition easier. The Long Service recognition platform makes it simple to give appreciation publicly; and the recognition is spread company wide.

The Hub also supports the remote, on-the-road and non-desk-based employees.  The Hub supports a flexible workforce which positively impacts colleague engagement, as people are connected to the business as though they are in the office.

It has become essential for delivering real time bulletins, newsletter and announcements as well as offering amazing discounts with 100’s of high-street retailers.

The Results

’When we first launched The Hub, we could not have imagined the success we would see in just four months.’ Helen Williams, Communications and Engagement Manager, ArrowXL 

The Hub has helped ArrowXL ensure their employees receive information first hand. Their Communications, Travel, Entertainment and Everyday Discounts pages have the most traffic and they average 1,615 logins per month, across 660 employees.

In addition to the benefits, The Hub now hosts ArrowXL’s company values, news bulletins, newsletters, core benefits and employee wellbeing solutions, meaning it has become a hub for all employee services and not just staff benefits.

Personal Group also provided collateral to promote The Hub and facilitated face-to-face, one-to-one sessions for every colleague – everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions about The Hub and download the app there and then.

The Hub is helping ArrowXL overcome the communication obstacles in their business and over the next couple of months, the app is going to be developed even further to incorporate an online suggestion scheme, a CEO blog and e-thanks.

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