Work Experience

During my work experience here at Personal Group I have learned a lot about the business and what they do. This blog is about me doing my work experience here and how it was.

I saw the company website and was interested in what they did and how they did it, I thought doing work experience here would be a good experience that I could learn from. I contacted the company through their ‘contact us’ section on their website. It didn’t take long to complete all the forms and contracts as my school was partly organising it for us. On my first day I was nervous and didn’t know what it would be like, having a week of work experience at an accountancy services company doing admin made me think that the work experience would be the same again here, doing more admin however and it wasn’t like that at all!

When I was first introduced to the marketing team they all seemed extremely nice and were very welcoming to me, this made me feel confident and like I could enjoy my time here throughout the week.

I knew some bits about marketing before my work experience, I thought it was the advertising of the business and did not think it was that complex, but now I have learned that it is much more than that, there is a lot of social media involved and different aspects of marketing including writing blogs. That is why there was so many creative jobs for me to do.

I have done many tasks throughout the week including designing infographics in Canva, making Powtoon videos to educate the viewers on what Personal Group does and sourcing some giveaways for upcoming events in the future. These were all good to do but creating the videos on Powtoon was very fun because I could be creative with how the text and pictures moved on the screen. Whilst creating these I slowly improved and the last video I made (on what I did at work experience) was a lot better than the first video I made, which was basic.

Although, spreadsheets are useful and need to be done, it wasn’t the most entertaining job as it was extremely repetitive. This job included looking at old LinkedIn receipts and putting the numbers and dates on the spreadsheet. After the 6 months of receipts had been put on the spreadsheet, I could calculate how much had been spent this year. The team then updated the budget, inputting the number I calculated.

I now know a lot more software than I did before. Canva and Powtoon are good examples of this, I can use this software in school to help me make specific projects. In school I am going to focus more at marketing and try to learn information that will help me in this career, if I go down the marketing route. Marketing is a good option for me as I think it suits my skills, I would like to work in it when I am older, but I will keep my options open because I am interested in finance as well.

If someone else is doing work experience here I would tell them not to be nervous and not to stress about being here. You must try new things and shouldn’t be scared to change a design up or try a new effect on Powtoon. Also, I would say to just enjoy it. I enjoyed my work experience a lot and would like to thank Personal Group for the excellent placement they provided me!