Stephen Eze

Stephen Eze

Complaints Team Leader

I’ve worked here for just over 5 years now. I’m the Complaints Team Leader – so the guy who deals with any unhappy people. My day to day duties involve reviewing any customer complaints and looking for trends, with the overall aim of making our service better. I thoroughly investigate each complaint and should I find failure, fix it to ensure other customers doesn’t go through the same thing.

I have the pleasure (previously fear) of presenting monthly to the Senior Management Team. We get together every month to discuss customer satisfaction, where I have the opportunity to give my opinion on what I believe will help improve our service. This is probably my favourite part of the job... knowing you can have an impact in a positive way on how the business is run.

My team is quite small, there’s only three of us, although we are part of the much bigger Customer Relations Team, who are a noisy bunch.

The best thing about working at Personal Group is honestly knowing I can make a positive difference to the service a customer receives - although the free pizza and ice-cream runs a close second.

My first year here was literally everything I imagine working for somewhere like google to be like. It was the companies 30th birthday and I guess the perfect time to join. We got to go to Newmarket racecourse for the day enjoying a free bar, food and I even had a cheeky £45 win, oh and the Beach Boys performed!!!

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