Integrations and Security

Integrations & Security

Built securely around your existing systems

Hapi is a platform based around three basic principles; Ease of Use, App First and Security. To aid us in complying with these principles, we partnered with two technology organisations - Outsystems and Braze* - and have also developed integration's with a number of different platforms including Microsoft, Google, Aon, videoDoc and many more.

Employee Data Security


At Personal Group, we take security very seriously.  The Hapi platform is PCI DSS Compliant (SAQ-D) and is regularly penetration tested by alternating third parties. We also perform additional comprehensive monthly web application security scans through an approved scanning vendor. We apply Randomised Authenticated Encryption using AES-256 in Cipher-Block Chaining Mode with Random Initialization Vector (PKCS7 padding) to secure the data at rest. We then use asymmetric algorithms to encrypt the keys and symmetric encryption when applying those keys to the data. This provides state of-the-art security with minimal effect on performance. Passwords are stored hashed using SHA-512, a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the United States National Security Agency. Our production and development environments are fully segregated, and Hapi is developed and maintained solely by Personal Group and Hapi does not store cardholder data or sensitive authentication data at any time.

Hapi Technology


One of Hapi’s core design principles is that development will always be app first. Today, many employees work in roles where they have little or no regular access to a computer  or corporate email address. This is often seen as a huge obstacle to effective and inclusive internal communications. Fortunately, Hapi was developed with this challenge in mind. Almost every UK employee has a smartphone which means that, being a native app, Hapi enables employers to send personalised push notifications and in-app messages to their employees. This not only helps create a communications network for remote staff but can also help drive usage and adoption of the benefits platform.

As consumers, we’re all  aware that mobile phones have become the remote control for helping us  manage our lives. We not only use them for our main form of communication, we are also beginning to see a drastic shift to mobile e-commerce. This means that many companies have already chosen to make their products and communications mobile first, and employers are starting to follow suit. Personal Group’s partnership with Braze enables us to drive multi-channel messaging via the common mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

Employee Engagement Integrations



Hapi can be used as the single point of entry for employees to access all of their employee services including; payslips, pension portals, holiday booking, learning management systems and much more. In addition to our standard integrations with various wellbeing providers, benefits platforms and retailers, we have developed a range of bespoke integrations for clients depending on their requirements. Because Hapi is built on the leading, low-code platform Outsystems, it benefits from an extensive range of additional integrations for users of SAP systems. Hapi is fully aware of all SAP BAPI’s and ZBAPI’s, enabling clients to get even more from their software.


*Two of the leading global research organisations, Gartner and Forrester, rate Outsystems as a leader in its field. In Q3 2017 Forrester recognised Outsystems as being a Leader in its Forrester Wave™ Low Code Development Platforms review. Additionally, in May 2018 Gartner also recognised Outsystems as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for App Development Platforms. Our communications platform, Braze, has also been highlighted by Gartner and Forrester.

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