Employee Experience Platform

The Employee Experience Platform

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The Hapi platform and app is built on world leading technologies and is based on three basic principles; ease of use, app first and security.

Employee Engagement Platform

What is Hapi?

Hapi is our easy to use employee experience platform and app. Hapi ensures employees receive the best employee experience from interview to exit. Our products, services and technology help employers improve employee engagement, communications, benefits and wellbeing. We help organisations deliver the best employee experience possible, boosting productivity, retention and employee happiness. The different elements of Hapi ensure that there is something that will appeal to each employee and the business benefits make it an attractive proposition to each type of business. From wellbeing benefits which reduce absence and improve productivity and communications tools that increase engagement, to financial products which help each employees' pay go further and provide greater financial security, Hapi has broad appeal to both employee and employer alike.

The Hapi App

Hapi presents all information, whether it’s benefits or employee services, in a simple, uncluttered visually engaging way. As a result, engagement and uptake in your employee benefits programme is likely to increase. Its simplicity means no user training is required, employees download Hapi directly from the app or play store and can be up and running in minutes. Hapi provides employee access to both your organisation’s other in-house systems and those from third-party providers, via secure single-sign-on and direct links to your other HR and back office systems. For employers, the app also includes the flexibility to be individually configured to reflect your employer brand and can utilised as communications tool with the ability to send push notifications directly to employees, wherever they may be.

Employee Experience Platform

Employee Insurance

The Roll Out

Every enterprise client receives a bespoke platform design and implementation plan to support their individual project and engagement goals, whether this be to increase awareness of a particular initiative, to drive usage and adoption of the current benefits provision or to improve employee wellbeing. Depending on what best suits each client, the roll out can include face-to-face presentations for each member of staff by our employee engagement team, training for HR and system administrators, digital campaigns, benefits books, site posters, newsletters or payslip inserts. Our Employee Engagement Executives will try to meet with each employee to help them make the most of the benefits available. This face-to-face engagement means that after 10-20 minutes, each employee knows all there is to know about their new benefits programme and ensures greater adoption of the benefits. We often experience 85% adoption of the benefits platform upon roll out.

Marketing Support

Our client solutions team are dedicated to making sure employees have everything they need to make the most of you benefits programme and that usage and adoption remain high. Think of them as an extension to your HR or internal communications team. Like a marketing agency they will work with you to devise bespoke communications and messaging that you can circulate across your company. From creating pre-launch campaigns and promotional posters for each of your sites, to running ongoing campaigns to maintain employee engagement and boost employee adoption of your benefits programme, our client solutions team is on hand to help make your employee benefits programme an ongoing success.

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