How we do it

How We Do It

Technology + People = Better Engagement

We balance our user friendly, engaging technology and HR analytics, with a face-to–face launch of your benefits programme and marketing support from our client services team, creating a personalised benefits roll out for each of your employee sites.

We believe technology cannot solve the employee engagement problem on its own. Making a new technology available will not automatically make it a success. We work with each client to create an employee benefits roll out plan which will increase employee engagement, drive benefits adoption and deliver HR a return on investment.

Employee Engagement Technology

Engagement Technology

Each employee services platform is based around your needs and we never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Hapi is our employee engagement app, provided as standard alongside our employee benefits platform. We use the latest technology to ensure that your employees can access their employee benefits, wherever and whenever it suits them. Through an innovative platform and accompanying app, your staff can make the most of their benefits programmes by accessing a number of services quickly, at home, out and about or in the office.

Management Information

The Hapi Hub is an intuitive HR management information tool, giving you insights into which benefits your staff are taking advantage of, and which may be underutilised. Real time HR analytics let you to dig into the data with charts, graphs and usage statistics. You can see all background information such as the most popular discounts and which elements of your Employee Assistance Programme are most called upon at different times of the year. Our Hapi Hub is perfect for the proactive HR team to see which existing benefits and services are being used and where staff may need help.

HR Management Information

Face to Face Launch

Launching a Benefits Programme

Employee Engagement doesn’t happen by accident. We use face-to-face communications to roll out your launch, taking the time to walk through the new platform with as many staff as possible. Our Employee Engagement Executives sit with each employee to make sure they can make the most of the benefits you are offering. Our Executives work all over the UK and see over 150,000 employees every year. This face-to-face engagement means that after 10-20 minutes, each employee knows all there is to know about their new benefits programme and ensures adoption of your benefits initiative sky rockets. We often experience 85% adoption of the benefits platform upon roll out.

Marketing Support

Our client solutions team is dedicated to making sure your employees have everything they need to make the most of your benefits programme. Think of them as an extension to your HR or internal communications team. Like a marketing agency, they will work with you to devise bespoke communications and messaging that you can circulate across your company. From creating pre-launch campaigns and promotional posters for each of your sites, to running ongoing campaigns to maintain employee engagement and boost employee adoption of your benefits programme, our client solutions team is on hand to help make your employee benefits programme an ongoing success.

Personal Group Support

“We have seen employee take up in our lifestyle benefits programme rise by 350% during this period and our engagement scores increase significantly for employee benefits (+12%)”

Andy Parry, Head of Engagement and Reward at MerseyRail

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