Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a Difference

Our business is driven by a passion to make people happy. And that goes beyond our day-to-day work, impacting our approach to business, to the environment and the community around us.

Our Business

Our unique approach to delivering employee services brings together both digital and face-to-face engagement to provide employees access to their company benefits, discounts, technology and services anytime, anywhere. We believe technology cannot solve the employee engagement problem on its own, so we work with each client to create an employee benefits roll out plan which will increase employee engagement, drive benefits adoption and deliver HR a return on investment.

Katrina - Memusi

Our Environment

At Personal Group we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint, automating processes and are moving towards becoming a paperless business. To reduce our consumption of resources we have introduced LED lighting in our head office, significantly reducing our electricity consumption and upgraded our buildings heating and cooling management system to increase efficiency and improve the employee environment.

Our Community

Our core value proposition as a business is that when people feel like they make a difference, they do. This goes for our customer’s employees as well as our own. We aim to empower employees to make a difference in all aspects of life – at work, in their local communities and across the wider world. We work closely with local charities, educational institutes and non-profit organisations.

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